We specialize in and offer Ethernet, CoAx, audio, security wire and HDMI. (sorry we only do low voltage)

Wire repair – We will test the wires in question, determine the issue and the best plan to permanently fix the issue. Rerun cables, shorten or extend wires, clean up wire (spaghetti bundle) and install new hardware.

Wire installation – Let us come in and take a look at your new business and we will assess and assist you with the wire solution you need to get up and running. We offer both open and closed wall installations.

Wifi Networks – We will inspect your location for signs of what is limiting your wifi network and causing issues. Then we will install the proper equipment for the environment.

Security Camera and DVR – Once we have your wiring complete we offer setup and configuration to ensure you get what you paid for. Allow us to deal with technicians that you generally need to call to get these up and running. We get you going A-Z.